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I have been a blog neglector lately. I feel horrible about it but I have been so immersed in life that I just haven't had time to sit down in front of the computer and put my thoughts onto "paper". Opportunity struck today when I had to spend the day at home with Chloe, as she had a bit of a temperature this morning, and now that it is nap time for her I can tappity tap tap on the computer.

This week has been a trying one, even though it is only Tuesday, as we received some not-so-pleasant news from our Assistant Business Office Director, Danna, on Friday. It seems that census is down at our hospital so they have cut all non-clinical employees down to 32 hours a week. Now I know that it may not seem like much when you put it in perspective with the large amount of individuals out there who can't even get employment, but it does make things difficult for us as I share joint custody with Chloe's dad and am court ordered to drive to Wichita twice a month ( 2 1/2 hours away) twice a month so that her father can have his week with her. This is quite costly since gas has begun creeping back up.

My student loans come due next month and even though my pay just decreased by approximately $300/month, I will still have to figure out a way to make enought to pay my $150.00 student loan payment. I think that what I shall do is try to get on as a bagger at the commissary on my day off during the week, Wenesday. They don't get paid an hourly wage but they do make tips and I could cram those tips into a jar and hopefully make enough each month to pay those student loans.

I am trying my best to put my worries in the Lord's hands. I know he will carry me when I cannot carry myself but sometimes it is hard when you are the control freak that I am.

On a sunnier note, I did put in for a job working for the State of Oklahoma. Even if I start out at the minimum I would be making $3/hour more than I do right now which would be extremely beneficial to our family. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the opportunity I have been looking for :).

Well my dryer just dinged at me so I guess I should fold the clothes before they wrinkle and get my Honey and I's sheets/comforter into the dryer so that we have something to sleep on this evening.

Have a blessed day!


very married said...

well, if nothing else, you can feel good about have a dryer in your home. a luxury i'll never take for granted again!

Miss Adventure said...

Ugh what a mess! I wish I had advice but honestly we're going through the same money troubles too. =[