My new favorite snack

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And the bonus is that the Mister likes it too!!

They are called PB-Nana Poppers and they came out of my HG (Hungry Girl) Book. My new one.

My favorite part, well besides the taste, is the calorie value.

For 5 of these poppers (way more than deliciousness than you get in your average 100 calorie pack) you are only looking at:

108 calories
3 g. of fat
2 g. of fiber
(for those of you counting weight watchers points this equates to 2 points making it an A-W-E-SOME snack)

All you need is a medium banana.
2 tablespoons Cool Whip Free, thawed (which I got on sale for like $0.98 @ WalMart)
1 tablespoon reduced fat peanut butter (we like to use Skippy Creamy Reduced Fat, yummm)

- Cut your banana into 20 slices
- Place 10 of those down on a plate and set the other ten aside
- Mix your cool whip and peanut butter in a small dish until smooth and creamy
- Scoop little spoonfuls of the mixture onto the banana slices
- Cover your 10 slices with the other 10 slices you'd set aside

** Throw them in your freezer for an hour or so and then **** BITE BITE BITE **** YUM YUM YUM **** ♥LOVE♥ **

On another note. Things are going good in Oklahoma. Had tons of fun at the Guthrie 89'ers festival on Saturday and I'll throw some of that up later!


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Well.. Today is very colorless day. I see lots of black for the remainder of the day. Chloe leaves me today to spend her week with her Dad and I am already beginning to the feel the emptiness that this week will bring and we haven't even begun our 2 hour journey to Wichita.

Well... I shall post later as I do have some cute little pictures (and Chloe isn't looking at the camera in a single one) of our egg dying adventures last night.

Have a wonderful day!

Round 2- Bubbles

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So here are some more pictures of Chloe and Coheed from our day outdoors!!

It was wonderful just sitting on the cozy sheet I laid down on the ground and basking in the sun while my favorite sound, Chloe's laughter, was continually present in the background...

I love my life.

Wednesday, Round 1 - The Park

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Well we just got home from an hour and a half at the park. Which I must admit was extremely entertaining; between Chloe and Coheed I was running in circles and loving every minute.

Chloe successfully learned the difference between X's and O's as we played a silly game of Tic Tac Toe.

Chloe also advised me that "You're embarrassing me." We're still fighting the potty training battle and Lil Miss had an accident so I changed her and while changing her reminded her, I must admit multiple times, that the potty is where this mess should have gone.

And I had to just include a picture of Chloe's hilarious happening hairstyle. Not just one, two or three piggys but FOUR piggys today!!

Now it is time for Round 2 - Bubbles !!

Why I like Wednesdays...

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I think that Wednesdays are almost my favorite day of the week. Why hump day you ask?

Its because this is one of my days off as I work four 10 hour shifts in a week. This means that Wednesday is normally my day for running errands and having appointments. But Wednesday is also my day to immerse myself in my beautiful two year old daughter. I get to spend time with her without having any other major plans for the most part because it isn't a weekend so we're not making plans to do things with everyone else.

So today we're headed outdoors! The weather is lovely as is the company :). Plus Daddy is on Fire Duty for his exercise so he is sleeping right now and we want to make sure he gets plenty of sweet slumber.

So I am loading up some snacks, loading up Lil Miss and toting along my camera for some good fun and great pics. I shall post them later.

Have a blessed day!

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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I woke up this morning after yet another sleepless night, as my love is on Fire Duty for his exercise therefore he is working nights, but although I am tired and would rather climb back into my bed versus driving to work... I wont. :)

And so instead I'm trying to have a much more positive outlook on today. Instead of dreading the workload before me, I shall embrace it with open arms and focus on accomplishing as many things today as I can. So to each of you, I hope that this day is filled with many blessings and that rays of that beautiful sun shines down on you.

Oh, and tomorrow is my day off!!

P.S. Brittne: I am praying, yet again today, for your friend Pete. I am praying that God lays his hand upon Pete's shoulder and provides him the comfort and direction he'll need during this time of frustration.

Ta ta!!

Coheed Maxwell - Our Newest Addition

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Now introducing... Coheed Maxwell!!

Little Coheed, or Brother as Chloe calls him, blessed our lives on March 22, 2009 when he came home with us from Kansas to Oklahoma.

He has been such a blessing since the moment his padded paws pounced into our hearts!

He is a full blooded Boston Terrier and although in these pictures he tends to look black and white, in reality he is brendel. A beautiful swirling of black and brown. Our own marbled marvel.

Christopher, Chloe and I all adore him. He has moments where he pounces around attacking his favorite toy, the Prize Fighter Inferno, a silly red dog from PetSmart and at other times you'll find him curled up on our chest just wanting to be loved.

I just figured that I hadn't posted in a while and he seemed like a pretty good thing to post about. Have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless you all!