Memorial Weekend Fam Fest

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I haven't posted in a few days as we had family in town this Memorial weekend as my honey will be shipping out very soon and his Mom and Dad definitely wanted to spend some much needed quality time with him before he deploys. So instead of writing a lot today I will instead share some photos from our very blessed weekend...

Chloe making me extremely nervous...

Honey's Dad patiently waited his turn to feed the blind Kangaroo

Chloe and Daddy feeding a very greedy goat...

Papa helping Lil Miss Chloe bowl...

The man of my dreams and I...

Hope you enjoyed!! I didn't get to snap as many of our family as I would have liked as we were just having to much fun to take pictures!!

Be Back Soon

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Hey, I just wanted to post a quick note that although I have really started blogging lately, it is probably going to come to a standstill for the most part over the next two weeks. Christopher will be home from his field exercise today and I plan on spending every moment of the next two weeks enjoying my husband while I still can.

So if you don't hear from me for a while, I am still here, still alive and definitely thriving. Just taking advantage of what few moments I have left.

God Bless.

Wordless Wednesday

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That is pretty much the only word that sums up my intense day.

My job is not physically demanding like other jobs out there, but you could never accuse it of NOT being mentally demanding. I spend 10 hours a day handling patient accounts for a eight story, two hundred and fifty bed+ hospital. I love my job but man oh man. When my fellow office guru decides to call me at 7:05am and tell me that she won't be in today, and Mondays are our busiest day phone-wise, I just knew my day would be anything but boring.

To me it felt as though the phone just never seemed to quit ringing, especially this afternoon. I love to take patient calls, even when they're mean, because no matter what I know I am helping (even if they don't recognize it) in some way. But I also have other duties I have to fulfill and when you are manning a huge hospital's customer service line almost completely alone you are bound to get frustrated, frazzled and altogether mentally fried. I walked out of work today feeling as though my brain could have seeped out of my already pained ears (as I have as sinus infection).

I guarantee you I will be talking about HCFAs and UBs in my sleep. I will snore CPT codes and HCPCs and in the morning I will wake up brushing the charge codes out of my teeth. But although I complain (as it provides a bit of mental release) I am thankful each and every moment for my job. I am not going to take it for granted at all in todays economy where people are fighting to keep minimum wage jobs. So before I lay myself to bed I will make sure to pray for those seeking jobs, those losing jobs and those who still have their jobs. I will pray for their endurance to keep looking, their faith in God and the fact that he will not ask them to carry more than they can bear and for improvement financially for our country as a whole.

So... I will leave you with this food for thought...

Our talents are the gift that God gives to us... What we make of our talents is our gift back to God.

To Each And Every One of You!

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I was going to write a lovely blog but would much rather enjoy a day indulging myself in my family so instead I am just posting this note to all the women in the world (and all you men who have to be daddy and mommy) saying Happy Mother's Day, because although you may not have bore a child of your own, you are a mother to someone :)

God Bless ♥♥♥

P.S. I thought that the picture below of a Mbukushu Mother and Child was a beautiful photo to share on Mother's Day...

Deployment Daze

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As the end of May creeps its way closer and June starts to float into my horizon, I have this horrible feeling of loneliness starting to overwhelm me. My handsome, and hilarious, husband will be deploying the first week of June. This will be Chris's first deployment as he was lucky enough to not go last year and it will also be our first separation since we were married in March of 2008. I think the hardest part will be the fact that I am still integrating myself to the atmosphere here in Oklahoma as all my family is 5 hours away in Kansas, so I will be almost completely alone with the exception of the lovely faces of the ladies I work with each day and my close, and absolute blessing from God, friend Tammy.

I will also have to continue to kiss my angel goodbye for a week each month as her father, since Chris is her step dad (but we call him Daddy), will still continue to get his visitations each month even during Chris' absence. Therefore there will be 7 whole days each month that I will have to come home to a completely empty house. I think that I will either be scrubbing every nook and cranny, working out every muscle in the human body at the gym or just coming to munch on a HG Sassy Southwester Egg Roll and climbing into my bed to lose my sorrows in my sleep.

I just ask that those of you who read this will keep me in your prayers. I am sure this all seems a bit selfish of me but I can admit that I am needy lol. I love my husband and one of the things I am most thankful for is coming home to the man I fell in love with and for 6 months, which I know is much shorter in the big scope of things compared to other deployments, I won't be able to fall asleep to the sound of him breathing and I promise that I am not taking that for granted each night until he leaves.

So I shall close on a lighter note with a picture of sweet Coheed who is growing like a weed:

and my miracle from the Lord:

God Bless

Wordless Wednesday!!

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My Two Favorite Reasons to Wake Up Every Morning.