I'm It!! I just wasn't fast enough!!

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So Brittne from Our Life's Journey tagged me in this game. I guess the way to play is to tell the world, okay just those who care enough to read about my life, 6 weird things about your's truly, tag a few friends, although that may be hard as I only have Brittne on here really lol and cross my fingers that they join in.

So... here goes it!

1. I love chicken. I swear that every time I hop online or look in a cookbook for new recipes I am always finding myself drawn to the chicken section.

2. I am polydactyly! What is this you ask? Well its when someone is born with additional fingers or toes. I technically have 6 toes on my right foot although the last two are connected looking like one ginormous toe and the last two (a little one plus the ginormous one) are webbed. I am extremely embarrassed by it because I was made fun of it for years... but I guess its why I swim so well. Ha ha.

3. I named my daughter after Chloe Steele from the Left Behind series. Mainly because of her stubborn and hard headed attitude but also because of her devotion to the things that are important to her, such as God.

4. I can sing my abc's backwards. I can attribute this to three years of high school choir and although I've been out of high school for 6 years now I can still do it!!

5. I hate to drive. Every time I climb into a car I am struck with the urge to fall asleep. So I only drive short distances (such as to work or to get Chloe from daycare) and I leave all the long drives up to Christopher.

6. Last and certainly not least... I have something about me that is similar but opposite to one of Brittne's afflictions lol. I can't go to the gym with people I know. I constantly feel like they are judging me based on what I can do in comparison to them. So instead I like to work out alone. Plus I can listen to my mp3 player without worrying if someone is trying to discuss the latest bogus move Obama is making.

So now it is my turn to tag someone lol. Well... I'll just have to fail in that aspect lol.


Brittne said...

Haha the reason I like other people around when working out is because I am afraid of them judging me so therefore I work out harder haha!