What's in the bag baby??

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So, Brittne had this posted on her bag and since she asked for participation, I decided to join the bandwagon...

The rules are:

1. Take your purse you carried with you today and dump it out, (EVERYTHING)
2. Don't take out things that you are to embarrassed to photograph. The only exceptions are: Feminine Hygiene Products (we all know women carry those), and anything that might have personal info on it that can easily be seen.

Now my purse is definitely not as big as it use to be. Probably because my husband bought me this weekend knowing that I'd been desiring this for, oh, well... forever!!

However as I sit here looking at all of the items before me, I keep hearing my husbands words in my head, "How do you fit that much crap in there?" (with tons of emphasis on crap). Yet he never complains when I have something crammed in there that becomes necessary at some random moment.

Well... I guess I'll start showing you all the "crap" in my lovely KU Jayhawk purse :)

Here we see my new favorite wallet that just happens to match my purse!! Okay, you caught me, they were purchased at the same time lol. Next to that is my lovely coupon case from good ol' Wally World. I have to admit that I found it because of Brittne and it was such a deal that I had to snag one of my own.

The next items may be considered out by some but necessary to others. I didn't use to carry Kleenex in my purse, but with the onslaught of snot that I've had to face recently, I've decided it is a necessity whether it is Chris, Chloe or my own nose whose valve won't shut off. As far as the lovely deodorant, I keep it in there for moments when I'm feeling a little not-so-fresh and I can just slip away for a moment and be back smelling and feeling like a million bucks again (okay, maybe not a million but pretty dang close).

Next are your everyday necessities, KEYS! Mine are pretty boring, but I do love how the key that wanted to be in the front was the one who made it very clear that he is government property and not to copy, a bit demanding isn't he!!

Moving right along...

Next are two pictures of items that I have to say are pretty important to me. The first is a picture of a pen, calculator and lysol travel spray. Why are these important, probably because I couldn't imagine grocery shopping without them. My pen checks the items off my list (makes me feel like Santa), my calculator keeps me on budget AND my lovely new friend Lysol cleans the cart off before I touch it. Plus I got it over 50% off for a pack of 4 and in addition to the discount I had a $1.00 coupon (thanks to my coupon caddy) so it ended up costing me $2.38 when it was originally like $6.76. Beside that photo is a picture of my favorite Victoria Secret spray, my chapsticks, my file and my comb. The comb is more for Chloe but it still has a home in my purse. I keep the nail file because my nails are long and I spend my day tapping away on a keyboard so they become unshapely and I HAVE to fix them (its an OCD thang!).

And if you are asking if that is Twizzler chapstick, it is!! My husband has a strange addiction to Twizzlers, preferably Watermelon ones but he doesn't get them often. He picked out the chapstick and I told him it must've been his way of finding a way to kiss me more often haha! Now I taste like something he loves to eat... if I lose a lip you will all know why!!

So... I guess that's it. Nothing too exciting for me. I'm just a plain jane in the world of purses ;)


Brittne said...

Cute purse! And i should really invest in one of those cans of Lysol because there are times when walmart is out of sanitizing wipes and I just have to go on with my shopping with an icky cart!