Cupcakes Everywhere

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What an afternoon...

I think if I never see/make another cupcake it will be too soon, oh wait, I am making 48 more mini cupcakes tomorrow night. AHHH!!

It really wasn't that bad. The making of the cupcakes is sooo easy. Its the long drawn out process of laying on the frosting and shakin' on the sprinkles. But I wanted these to be absolute de-li-cious for the boys tomorrow.

The first yummy strawberry set went into the oven at about 3 or so this afternoon. I had procrastinated on making them or else I would've been done by 3 lol.

While that batch was baking I decided to let Chloe have some fun licking the spoon. This is normally an entertaining event as it is, but she made it even funnier today because she licked the spoon while wearing nothing but a pullup and her winter coat... and yes, we were in the house.

This girl is something special. She provides the best comedy I could ever ask for.

Needless to say my cupcakes did finally get done. I actually finished frosting/sprinkling and cramming the last cupcake into the second container about 15 minutes ago. I sure feel like I accomplished something today.

Below is the end result. I hope those boys savor the strawberry yumminess. Ah, who am I kidding. It will go from their mouth to their stomach in less than 5 seconds.


Brittne said...

Those look great! And your probably right about mouth to stomach in 5 seconds flat! Boys will be boys!