The Journey Begins

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So this is my first posting on here. I hadn't even heard of this until Brittne gave me her link today lol. So I guess I'll just start with where things are right now.

I am still reeling that it is February of '09 already. It seems like just the other day we were celebrating Christmas '08 back home in Kansas surrounded by the warmth of those we love. Now we're nearing into Spring, which I am not complaining about, and I am so excited about the smell of fresh grass and flowers lol. I'm pretty simple in that way I suppose. I'm ready to be able to take Chloe to the park everyday or at least be outside chalking up the sidewalk or playing with paints.
I'm just ready for the cold, snow and ice to be sweet history although I am hoping we don't have another Summer full of 100+ days!

Spring football has started up for Chris. They had their first practice/scrimmage last week. I'm not sure when their first game is but I'm hoping it's nice out so we can go watch! I'm hoping to start getting things in order to start going back to school for Nursing (or Radiology). It's just a matter of timing and money which it never seems there are enough of. Well... I'll leave off here for the night. I just wanted to make sure I got at least one blog posted on here lol.

Have a blessed evening.


Brittne said...

Yay on your first blog post! You will find that it becomes VERY addicting! If you need help sprucing up your blog let me know!