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Today has been a good day so far. Chloe and I woke up at about 7am. She ate some breakfast while I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. After that she ran off to play in her kitchen and I proceeded to try and get my bathtub to drain right by loaded it down with Liquid Plumber. It didn't work and I think I may have shed a tear lol. However, since I was already in there I decided to clean the bathroom too. It's not done yet, just need to finish the toilet but mid toilet clean I decided I needed to make a quick run to WalMart to pick up some necessities.

Chloe and I loaded up and jumped in the Taurus. I think I always get myself in trouble at WalMart, I see shiny things and I can't help myself ha ha. Anywho... we got lots of goodies. My favorite was the mini muffin pan that I'm going to use to make Valentine's Day cupcakes for my honey and his shop fully of silly boys.

Needless to say I'm hopping on here to update and then later I'll hopefully have some entertaining pictures to put up of Chloe and cupcakes. Now I have to finish my cleaning lol.


Brittne said...

Oh funny! I try to stay away from shiny things in walmart because i will spend way more than i'm supposed too! And I cleaned the bathroom today too! I had to clear out our drain last week, and i used Drano! It worked like a charm!