Why I like Wednesdays...

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I think that Wednesdays are almost my favorite day of the week. Why hump day you ask?

Its because this is one of my days off as I work four 10 hour shifts in a week. This means that Wednesday is normally my day for running errands and having appointments. But Wednesday is also my day to immerse myself in my beautiful two year old daughter. I get to spend time with her without having any other major plans for the most part because it isn't a weekend so we're not making plans to do things with everyone else.

So today we're headed outdoors! The weather is lovely as is the company :). Plus Daddy is on Fire Duty for his exercise so he is sleeping right now and we want to make sure he gets plenty of sweet slumber.

So I am loading up some snacks, loading up Lil Miss and toting along my camera for some good fun and great pics. I shall post them later.

Have a blessed day!


Brittne said...

Have fun with Miss Chloe!! You better take/post some adorable pics later!!