Wednesday, Round 1 - The Park

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Well we just got home from an hour and a half at the park. Which I must admit was extremely entertaining; between Chloe and Coheed I was running in circles and loving every minute.

Chloe successfully learned the difference between X's and O's as we played a silly game of Tic Tac Toe.

Chloe also advised me that "You're embarrassing me." We're still fighting the potty training battle and Lil Miss had an accident so I changed her and while changing her reminded her, I must admit multiple times, that the potty is where this mess should have gone.

And I had to just include a picture of Chloe's hilarious happening hairstyle. Not just one, two or three piggys but FOUR piggys today!!

Now it is time for Round 2 - Bubbles !!


Brittne said...

Oh my!!! That first picture is ADORABLE!!! LOVE the 4 piggies by the way!!