Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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I woke up this morning after yet another sleepless night, as my love is on Fire Duty for his exercise therefore he is working nights, but although I am tired and would rather climb back into my bed versus driving to work... I wont. :)

And so instead I'm trying to have a much more positive outlook on today. Instead of dreading the workload before me, I shall embrace it with open arms and focus on accomplishing as many things today as I can. So to each of you, I hope that this day is filled with many blessings and that rays of that beautiful sun shines down on you.

Oh, and tomorrow is my day off!!

P.S. Brittne: I am praying, yet again today, for your friend Pete. I am praying that God lays his hand upon Pete's shoulder and provides him the comfort and direction he'll need during this time of frustration.

Ta ta!!


Brittne said...

Yay I can FINALLY comment!! I love love LOVE the new look!!!

Rachelle said...

Thanks!! Me too. I have a huge crush on green right now. I guess I am feeling Springy and my green thumb is kicking in!! I am thinking of planting some flowers this year :)