My new favorite snack

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And the bonus is that the Mister likes it too!!

They are called PB-Nana Poppers and they came out of my HG (Hungry Girl) Book. My new one.

My favorite part, well besides the taste, is the calorie value.

For 5 of these poppers (way more than deliciousness than you get in your average 100 calorie pack) you are only looking at:

108 calories
3 g. of fat
2 g. of fiber
(for those of you counting weight watchers points this equates to 2 points making it an A-W-E-SOME snack)

All you need is a medium banana.
2 tablespoons Cool Whip Free, thawed (which I got on sale for like $0.98 @ WalMart)
1 tablespoon reduced fat peanut butter (we like to use Skippy Creamy Reduced Fat, yummm)

- Cut your banana into 20 slices
- Place 10 of those down on a plate and set the other ten aside
- Mix your cool whip and peanut butter in a small dish until smooth and creamy
- Scoop little spoonfuls of the mixture onto the banana slices
- Cover your 10 slices with the other 10 slices you'd set aside

** Throw them in your freezer for an hour or so and then **** BITE BITE BITE **** YUM YUM YUM **** ♥LOVE♥ **

On another note. Things are going good in Oklahoma. Had tons of fun at the Guthrie 89'ers festival on Saturday and I'll throw some of that up later!


Brittne said...

Those look fantastic!! I might have to try those!