Coheed Maxwell - Our Newest Addition

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Now introducing... Coheed Maxwell!!

Little Coheed, or Brother as Chloe calls him, blessed our lives on March 22, 2009 when he came home with us from Kansas to Oklahoma.

He has been such a blessing since the moment his padded paws pounced into our hearts!

He is a full blooded Boston Terrier and although in these pictures he tends to look black and white, in reality he is brendel. A beautiful swirling of black and brown. Our own marbled marvel.

Christopher, Chloe and I all adore him. He has moments where he pounces around attacking his favorite toy, the Prize Fighter Inferno, a silly red dog from PetSmart and at other times you'll find him curled up on our chest just wanting to be loved.

I just figured that I hadn't posted in a while and he seemed like a pretty good thing to post about. Have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless you all!


Brittne said...

Oh my he is so TINY!! You can definitely tell in the last picture how small he is! So so cute though!!